Anna Dagbjört

App Prototype

In my first semester in Multimedia Design we did a Google Design Sprint, the assignment was to make an app concept that would improve student life for KEA students. My team and I created an app called “Monetize your knowledge” which is a job-hunting app with most of the communication in videos e.g. a video resume, video introduction to a company or a job position. We worked as a team and did most things together since it was our first “big project”. But I did for example make the lo-fi version in XD, came up with the design for the “sign in” form as well as the job-filter along with my teammates. I really enjoyed working in a structure sprint like this one.


About the project

  School project

  Duration: ~ 5 days

  Group Size: 7

  Learning Goals:

  Working in a big group
  Working with XD prototype
  Work on a strict schedule

  Tools I used:

  Adobe XD
  User Journey
  Crazy Eights

Project Documentation